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Best places to visit in India with friends: Chapter 2

Mountains, Hill station, and beaches, India is rich in great travel destinations. If you are travelling solo or with friends, I...

Best places to visit in India with friends: Chapter 1

From the tall mountains of Himalayas to beaches, India has it all. Travelling solo or with your gang, read about the top holiday destinations you should must go .

Reading in the time of Corona

As Pandemic blues loom in full swing, arm yourself with a good book for defense against these dark and stressful times. Here is a list of some great books to read during this Quarantine.

Best Books to Start a Reading Habit

To all those who want to develop a reading habit and start a long committed relationship with books, here is a list of books you should start with, in different genres.

Re-imagine your home with easiest indoor plant decor

Looking to reinvent your home? Here is very quick guide to indoor plant decor and ways to accessorize the green spaces in your home.

Reinvent your Indian Ethnic Wear in style

Check out our list of different types of Indian Ethnic Wear which will help you create a fashion-forward look.

Her Denim Life like nobody else

When fashion changes within the blink of an eye these denim clothes should be in everyone's wardrobe to amp up that fashion game. She always chooses these to make styling easy and handy.

Best gaming laptops under 1 lakh: Max Performance

Gaming laptop under 1 lakh is not a myth. Get the maximum gaming performance for you money with the best gaming laptops available in India in 2020.

Best laptops under 50000 in India for students

You should not spend more than 50000 for a good laptop. This list has the best laptops for your study, office work and everyday tasks.

Step up your Mask Game: Fashionable masks online

With the world adjusting to Covid 19 and the new normal, we do realize the importance of masks. So, this article will help you find some fashionable mask.