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Topcharted's list of best movies, songs and tv series, for your every mood.


Best Novels, story books and reading habits are what you need now. Enjoy the leisure time while improving you knowledge with topcharted's recommended readings.

Best Books to Start a Reading Habit

To all those who want to develop a reading habit and start a long committed relationship with books, here is a list of books you should start with, in different genres.

Songs you won’t understand but keep repeating

Step out your playlist with the grooviest foreign songs. You can't understand but you will be addicted!

Nailbiting Hindi movies on Terrorism

If you want to watch the spine shivering Hindi movies on terrorism or like those thrilling spy films, here is the list of bollywood movies you should watch.

Best of Sushant Singh Rajput movies

These are the best Sushant Singh Rajput's movie you should watch now.

Great movies you have missed! (Non-Hindi)

These are some of the most exciting movies you forgot to watch.

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Best gaming console in India

Enjoy 4K gaming with the best console in India. If Xbox One X or PS4 Pro is right for you.

Best single player games of recent times

Are you bored with the chaos of online multiplayer games or bugged by connection issues? If not you still might want to get immersed in story which is long, yet interesting, just...

Most influential female protagonists in modern games

Is it just me or you too who thinks the number of female protagonists in video games are increasing and that’s is absolutely a good sign. Whether you are a PC gamer...

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