Mesh the mask: Trendiest outfit with a mask (Men)

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A pandemic was unforeseen for our generation, and it has drastically changed our lifestyles. We are forced to deprecate many hobbies and adopted new ones. The most important practice is wearing a mask. We know for sure that a vaccine is near and the lock-down will be over in some months, but the mask is going nowhere at least for now till we are not 100% sure that corona won’t return. Like many of us, the mask has severely affected my wardrobe, since I couldn’t decide what to wear with a mask, always it looked strange. That doesn’t mean this is the end of fashion or we stop wishing to look cool in a trendy outfit. Now the market is flooded with designer masks and in many colours, and they are pretty affordable. In fact, the mask is now a part of the wardrobe, so it’s vital that while creating our outfit or purchasing any new piece of apparel, we have to be sure it goes well with the mask look, we need mask fashion ideas.

Can a mask ever be fashionable?

Short answer, Yes and long answer, let the mask talking. The purpose of a nice outfit is too look trendy, smart and confident. But now the masks cover half of the face, so now you think you are losing the chance to stand out. But here is my secret, you need to draw the major attention to your face, I mean the mask. Pair a solid colour mask (Preferably limit your colour palette to black, white and off white) or mask with subtle pattern with a gentle and minimalist outfit. Suddenly you will look less alien. Remember simplicity is never boring but the art you should master to stay evergreen.

Everybody’s way of expressing themselves is limitless and so is fashion.

So always feel free to try out new things, but here is a quick guide for men to give you a head start.

My mask recipe

For me, a mask looks best in Cropped trousers, tee shirt or formal shirt and a good pair of sneakers. To add a bit more detail, you can pair the outfits with a complementary bomber jacket (in some cases). Here is my answer to “what to wear with a mask?”

Cool and Minimal

In this outfit

This outfit is perfect for summer, it’s light and gentle. If your office permits smart casuals, you should definitely wear it (After office opens, of course). The blue hue adds calmness and trustworthiness to the overall feel of the outfit. You know, “Blue is the favourite colour on the earth”.

Classic Street

In this outfit

There is always a classic feel to monochrome dressing and a black bomber jacket adds to the look too. If you want the real street outfit, it’s your best bet. If you want to draw more attention you can easily swap the black mask with a flashier one. But I feel Black is Sexy.

Grey is not boring

In this outfit

Grey is always perceived to be mute and dull, and if it’s all grey then it’s a big no. But not this time. Head over to Scout Sixteen’s website and suddenly you will feel why you should at least have one “all grey outfit” in your wardrobe. In this look, I have included the grey mask to retain the all grey feel, you sometimes there is a joy to blend in the crowd. But of course, you can add a trendy mask like this.

The Earthy look

In this outfit

This look is difficult to pull off as this look does not suit all body type. If you have got an athletic build, then get ready to woo them all with this earthy look. The speciality of this outfit is it feels upmarket while radiating positivism and passion.

All Play

In the outfit

It’s the sportiest of all mask outfits here. If you want to look more youthful, casual and approachable, then you might want this. Off white Sweatshirts are always in fashion and black or navy blue cropped joggers complement them really well. Here I picked the striped patterned trouser with light blue sneaker to give the outfit a unique coolest guy in town look.

Here most of the products are very affordable and trendy and I have chosen them to give you an idea about the outfit, so feel free to swap them with your favourite brands(Of similar looks). Fashion in lockdown! who thought that😉

If you are after some cool masks, you should definitely check this post.

Image credits: Azuro republic, gentlemenwear, Scout Sixteen


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