Songs you won’t understand but keep repeating

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What songs do you hear? English, Hindi, Punjabi? That’s it? Then you are really missing a lot of foreign songs and some of them are really popular in India (more than one billion views). I know you won’t understand most of them, just like “Despacito”, but I can guarantee your heart will thumb and your feet will move. Here are some of the best Romanian, Spanish and “I don’t know” language songs. POPs, EDMs, Romantic, Slow, Upbeat, well I got you covered. Here is my list of favourite songs that I don’t understand but keep repeating. You can create a whole new playlist of these songs or mix up with your existing one to surprise your friends, you know, music connects us.

So put on your earphone and groove to the beats. Truly, “Dil mein aata hoon, samajh mein nahi”

1. Hey Ma (Spanish)

“Hey Ma” (Spanish Version) from The Fate of the Furious featured in the famous Fast and Furious 8. It was produced by Warner Música. It was sung by Pitbull & J Balvin, feat. Camilla Cabello. Want a lively warm colourful song? This is it.

2. Ecoute (Romanian)

It’s by beautiful Alexandra Stan featuring Havana and Directed by Khaled Mokhtar. The music is really addicting and the video is elegant. How many times you hit repeat, you will never be bored with the song.

3. Dooset Daram (Russian)

You can always feel the hidden pain in this song by Arash, Feat. Hellena. You can say, Arash has created a genre of his own. The video beautifully captures the dark, gloomy story.

4. Diamante (Romanian)

Romanians have indeed know how to create fiery POP songs and Otilia always nails it. I am sure most of us have heard “Billionera” by her and this song really brings back those goosebumps.

5. Eres mi Vida (Spanish & Romanian)

Alessandra is beautiful and her songs are too. She is an incredibly vibrant singer with a sweet tone of voice and with excellent music and backdrop setting, this song really POPs out.

6. Mi Gente (Spanish & English)

Do I understand what he’s singing?, No. Do I care?, No. This beat is awesome“. Most of the comments on youtube say this and I say that too. A song by J Balvin, Willy William.

7. Toca Toca (Romanian)

Fly project is always very focused on EDM and it reflects on their every song. Girls, Drinks and High energy music are their secret ingredients to make you break the dance floor or carry those bone-breaking weights at the gym. Want something for easy listening, “Like A Star”, is their answer.

8. Ciocolata (Romanian)

BiBi, the 18-year-old Romanian vlogger, is a real melody to the ears. Ciocolata (Chocolate in English) absolutely captures the feelings of a teen and the youthful music complements it well.

9. Chantaje (Spanish)

This is Shakira’s take on Spanish song, with Maluma. The flow of this song feels so continuous that sometimes you will feel breathless, just going deep and deep into the beats. And Bonus? Shakira looks ravishing, as always.

10. Caliente (Romanian)

A few years back, whenever I thought about Romanian Pop, only INNA was coming to my mind. Truly she can be termed as the queen of Romanian POP and Caliente is one of her bests. To be honest, I liked dozens of song of her, just go to Spotify or youtube and hear them all. You can start with “Heaven

11. Ola La (English & Romanian)

Lyrics ? “ola ola ola ola ola ola la la  la”. Just joking there are other words too. But I really wait for this verse and believe me you will too. Kate Linn’s song really lights up the mood. You can also hear “Your Love

12. A fost o nebunie (Romanian)

Sorry If the list becoming too Romanian, but trust me they are great. If you want something more soothing that can touch your soul, this is the song from Alina Eremia.

13. Serai (Mostly English & Romanian)

Serai by Akcent Feat. Lidia Buble will make you crank the Bass knob of your subwoofer to the maximum at that vibration at 2:09 will just awaken your heart for sure. The lyrics is simple and catchy and the music is in another league altogether.

14. Bonita (Spanish)

Who doesn’t know J Balvin? And this time with Jowell & Randy. The video is funny and vibrant and the song, well you will keep humming it.

15. Самая Самая (Russian)

You might not know Egor Kreed, so I won’t waste more time talking about him. Just click the play button. The video is as fresh as the song.

16. Hero_In (Ukrainian)

Max Barskish is a well-known name in Ukrainian music Industry. I really like the song because the music is not overly computerized like some of today’s rocks and pops but really energizes your body and mind. I am now exploring more of his songs.

17. Despacito (Spanish)

By Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

You knew it coming, don’t you 😉

So which songs do you like? Or, you found something better, let me know in the comment. And don’t forget to charge your headphone.


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